Wednesday, November 7, 2012


THIS RUG "DINO" BELONGS to my grandson Josiah, poor baby has been asking for it...  The problem is, I can't seem to match the dyed wool I used for the background. This in my second attempt at finding the right shade of wool in a light blue ~ white background. The last batch I bought from eBay was so gorgeous, but too blue for this rug. This wool, I bought by mistake. I thought it was blue ~ white with a whisper of pink... NO, I did not read the description of the wool.  It's GREEN and white and pink. I was bummed. But I kept looking at it, and realized it would work after all because the wool was dyed in faint colors, just like the blue ~ white wool. I'm hooking the new wool  around each cluster that i have spread throughout the rug and it is working out much better then I thought. So I have to say, I found a perfect match after all. Can you see, as the dyer calls this.. the whisper of pink in the corner? Of course, I rushed back to eBay and bought the other two pieces she had left of this wool. Baby, you will get your rug this month... 

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