Friday, November 9, 2012


IT MAY BE HARD for you to see how much hooking I got done today. The Pink Whisper wool is a good mix with the blue ~ white wool. It's really popping the background.  Unfortunately I have to put the rug away again for the weekend.  I'm happy to report that I filled in wool from the sand half way up the background between tree and Dino, except at edge where white meets the dinosaur. I'm working on that next!!!


  1. so cute Anita. I've kept drawings from when my boys were little've given me inspiration for a possible rug.

  2. Eliizabeth, I love the rugs hookers make of their kids or g-kids drawings... Josiah was six when he drew that rug, and he did it in about three minutes. It was really funny to watch. He also picked the colors for the dinosaur, I tried to draw his attention AWAY from that ugly red, but nope, he said, that's the wool I want! When I started on the ocean, he was holding my worm basket, and handing me the different color worms, and telling where to put them. The water is my favorite part of this rug. Oh yes, I know, you will find the perfect drawing to hook, and if you have lots of them... Watch out!!!

  3. Hi Anita,

    We're so glad the Pink Whisper worked out just right for this project! Josiah has a real flare for color and design!

    Frances and John

  4. Frances, I am loving the Pink Whisper wool, it would also make good water refections for the Gustav Klimt Landscape that's on my list to hook next year. I'm building a nice stash with wool I've already bought from you... Will be back for more!!