Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'M NOT LIKING this second sister...  That outfit has got to go!  She is looking frumpy!!  The plaid I'm using for her skirt is actually a pretty wool with teal blue and orange mixed in with the tan.  But, the tan collar and outline around her boobs is sinking into the blue blouse. I have a solid orange wool that I might use for collar and outline instead of the tan.  Of course, I should finish dressing her before I make any changes. I'll work on it more today...

Thursday, September 27, 2012


This is part of the Six Sister's rug I am working on right now.  I loved hooking her curly hair. The yellow worm between her legs and green worm on right side arm is just to hold its form. Now I have to dress her sisters...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

MEET DINO~ 31" x 21" in Cut #8


YOU CAN SEE from the date on the upper right hand corner, I started this rug two years ago.  I worked on it a bit, then put it away... It's time to get it done before Josiah goes off to college.  My grandson Josiah, was 6 years old at the time he designed and drew this dinosaur on a beach.

The problem I'm having... is this rug was not planned out.  Josiah and I just picked out the brightest and prettiest noodles from a wire basket where I kept my small stash of worms. On the second day we hooked the sea. The big round tree is blue. Again, Josiah's colors.  

The background was planned.  A hooker from my old guild in Tucson dyed the wool, only I did not buy enough at the time, and I'm out again... I picked the background wool because it looked like sky. THIS IS NOT A CLEAR CELL PHONE PICTURE, so you can't really tell but, there is a lot of blue in the background blended in with the white. It looks really good.

 I was never happy with the background on this rug.  Not the wool itself, but the direction of hooking.  I tried hooking the background in straight lines, then little boxes going left and right, then up and down. It didnt look good. I'm not good at perfectly straight line hooking, and my loops sit high and low. I'm a sloppy hooker, so, what I did was rip out all the line hooking and draw S's all over background and hooked around the S's. Much better!! This way also gives me a bit of leeway when I beg for more dyed wool to finsh off this piece.  I can just fill in the new wool around the S's... I am so ready to finish this rug.

Since there isnt anything else I can do on Dino until I locate Kathy, I started another rug last night using Big Boned Girls paper patterns from Deanne Fitzpatrick. I (designed?) a small rug and I shall call it
"Six Sisters..."
I'm hooking the Six Sister's rug now.

The first sister is hooked, and she is looking so fine in her bright red wool dress!!